Almost didn’t make it!

After months of winter preparation and a good amount of bottom work, I finished preparing NautiGirl for her launch. We started driving NautiGirl down to the ramp. All was going well until we heard a high pitched noise about 1000 feet from the ramp. We pulled over we noticed the trailer had a major issue. The axle was almost rusted through, the wheel was bent at a off angle and the tire was rubbing the rim. I guess I should have gotten it inspected!! I decided to risk towing the boat to the ramp very slowly since we were about 1000 feet away. All I could say was “This is bad.. This is bad..” Luckily we made it to the ramp and into the water. Thanks to Cortney, I was able to get the boat’s mast raised and into the water. The sail to the mooring was awesome and Cortney was able to tow the trailer back to our house without incident!! Yeah!!!